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Something called a hose mender

To install the hose mender cut the garden hose 2 inches from each side of the puncture and then slide the hose mender on two both sides of the hose and tighten down the and your all set. Thousands of people each year throw away their garden hoses because the have a leak or sometimes the ends of the hose become over or oblong in shape causing the hose attachments not to work properly and leak. By simply spending a few dollars and spending a few minutes of your time you can save a lot of money doing home repairs yourself. If there is a rip, tear, or hole in any section of he garden hose you can by something called a hose mender that will basically connect two end of the hose together. If you have a bad end of the garden hose you can buy a replacement end that is easily installed by just cutting the hose and attached the new end on the hose, and then you will tighten the that is provided. You will then have a repaired Beach Chair Manufacturers in China end to your hose. What many people do not know is that there are simple ways to repair your garden house for only a few dollars.